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Mesa Boogie

    Mesa Boogie 412 4FB

    412-4FB 4x12" cabinet from the Mesa Boogie. Has the Celestion G12 Vintage 30's, is in fine condition and is on the casters. Ok, fine condition, let's define because 4x12 cabs have their own set of rules. From 10 feet it looks great; from 5 feet you'll notice there's a couple minor tears in the grill cloth, some edge scuffs and some finish missing from the handles; upon microscopic inspection....wait, it's a 4x12 cab, if you're looking that close-this isn't the droid for you. Most importantly it sounds amazing and has THE most low end of any 4x12 ever produced, well at least that we've heard. Get it, you won't be sorry.

    Model: T01112017MESA
    Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie
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    Price: $400.00