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Mesa Boogie

    Mesa Boogie 2006 Roadster 1x12 w/ Footswitch

    If you need every electric guitar sound that has ever existed in one fire breating mother of an amp, look no further. Four channels with boost, morph, blend, reverb, FX loop and other things only a NASA engineer would know about, 100 watts out of 4-EL34's, 2 rectifier tubes, a whole bunch of back panel routing, switching and recombobulating and a completely bitchin' set of casters. Now all that is really cool but....look at the last picture, that's the footswitch. Incredible!!! This amp is not for the faint of heart, if you want the tone of the gods, not just a few of them, all of the gods, this is the machine for you.

    Model: C070817RS
    Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie
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    Price: $1,250.00