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    Teisco 1960's ET-460 (no case)

    A short list of things that MIGHT be more awesome than this guitar 1) Skateboards with bat wings 2) Sharks on Pogo Sticks 3) Phosphorescent Gummy Bear Sports Coats....there's many more but you get the point. The 60's Teisco's get the award for the funkiest, coolest, most out there designs with the most switches, knobs, pickup and things that just don't make any sense. This guitar, unlike most of it's kind, plays really really well. Has a great neck and is set up very well. All the electroincs seem to be working properly, the whang bar is doing it's whangiest best and just look at the body and headstock. Far out man. In the words of the late Raoul Duke "The dashboard was full of esoteric lights & dials & meters that I would never understand — but there was no doubt in my mind I was in a superior machine."

    Model: C071517TDL
    Manufacturer: Teisco
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    Price: $700.00