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    SWR Black Beauty combo

    Sounds great, looks great, on casters and plenty of power. Here's what the website says about it: SWR's Black Beauty combo amp features a custom SWR 15-inch bass driver and high-frequency horn tweeter in a 4-ohm speaker configuration - driven by 350 watts RMS (450 watts using a 4-ohm extension speaker cabinet). In addition to dramatic, new chassis graphics (featuring the SWR badge in classic chrome), the Black Beauty has inherited a very popular effect from the SWR Mo' Bass soundstation - the SWR SubWave - producing clean, pure and accurate octave signals. A Subwave Footswitch with a hardwired 1/4" cable ships with the Black Beauty as an added bonus. The Black Beauty's 12AX7 preamp tube provides true warmth and grit through the 20Hz - 40kHz frequency response. And with 350 watts at 4 Ohms this amp thumps out 100dB SPL! Increase your power to 400 watts at 2.67 Ohms (with 8 ohm extension speaker) or 450 Watts at 2 Ohms (with 4 ohm extension speaker). A third order, 6db rolloff, 18db Butterworth high pass 4KHz turnover crossover is located inside the Black Beauty's speaker enclosure. SWR Black Beauty Features: Dual independent input jacks compatible for both active and passive instruments Gain control with LED peak clipping indicator Exclusive Aural Enhancer circuitry SubWave (with Level control and illuminated on/off switch) Limiter with defeat switch Active bass and treble controls Variable mid-range EQ Effects Blend Control Master Volume Control Power On/Off Switch Sidechain effects loop Balanced XLR output with mode switch (Direct, Line, or Direct + Sub) Tuner send Subwave footswitch jack Extension speaker output Three-way tweeter control switch (full-range, -6dB, tweeter off). Extruded heat sink

    Model: C01252016SWR
    Manufacturer: SWR
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    Price: $450.00
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