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    Mojo Mt. Pilot Combo

    Excellent condition. Here's the lowdown directly from the mouth of the Mojo: The idea for the MT Pilot came about when we began to see a growing need for a solid pedal platform with life and natural versatility.We wanted to build something articulate and responsive that could go from the garage to the night club and up to the big stage. This gig-ready 20 watt amplifier comes with two 6V6s in the power section and two 12AX7s in the preamp. Swap out the 6V6s for 6L6s to give the amp more headroom and boost it up to 30 watts. The “Power Amp” knob throttles the amp’s composure from loose to tight, allowing you to control the dialogue between you and your amp. Added luxuries include the amp’s three-stage bright switch and clean/grit toggle. From its circuit and sound to its majestic aesthetics, the MT Pilot is a perfectly unique creation; just like its namesake.

    Model: U022117MT
    Manufacturer: Mojo
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    Price: $1,100.00