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    Ibanez BTB-775 w/hsc

    Great condition and comes with it's original hardshell case. Here's the cut and paste from the interweb: Good wood makes good sounds Necks aren't just part of a bass, they are the heart of the bass. The neck feel and playability can make or break an otherwise great instrument. The Ibanez BTB775PB incorporates a 5-piece maple/bubinga neck that offers you killer stability, playability, and tone. Ibanez basses have long been known for their excellent necks. Not satisfied to just attach the neck to the BTB775PB, Ibanez utilized neck-through construction, which gives you better vibrational and tonal transfer throughout the entire instrument. A mahogany body with poplar burl top and rosewood fretboard complete the picture making the Ibanez BTB775PB a bass player's dream. Tone-enhancing appointments A slightly longer 35" scale gives the BTB775PB superior articulation and helps provide more tension and a better feel on the 5th string. Formerly found on boutique basses only, this extended scale length will provide you with a better playing experience on lower strings. The unique Mono-rail II bridge is used on the BTB775PB giving you the best string separation possible. Each string has its own separate mini-bridge, this keeps strings from interfering with each others vibrations as with traditional bridges. Dial in great low end Ibanez BTB775PB basses come out of the factory with Bartolini pickups and preamps installed. The passive humbucking Bartolini BH1-5 pickups use ceramic magnets to give you a warm tone with superior dynamics. A 3-band EQ lets you dial in the perfect sound you have been looking for. It doesn't matter what style of music you play, the Ibanez BTB775PB is ready for the gig. Ibanez BTB775PB Electric Bass Features: 35" scale length Bartolini BH1-5 pickups and preamp Neck-through construction Deep cutaways for access to upper frets Neutrik locking output jack Mono-rail II bridge for great string separation

    Model: T101015IBZ
    Manufacturer: Ibanez
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    Price: $600.00