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    Silvertone /Teisco 1487 Electric Guitar ssc

    Great condition, all is working and ready for it's close up or to be boarded for it's trip to the bottom of Lake Erie. Space is the place. Comes with a period correct soft shell case. Here's the internet cut and paste: The 1487 is one funky sound machine. Designed and built by the mad scientists at Teisco, this guitar goes Dano one better by putting the amplifier in the guitar! This guitar could be used as a normal guitar (well... sorta...), or you could rock out somewhat by using the internal transistorized amplifier powered by dual 9-volt (!) batteries. This setup provided you with a big 1/2 watt into the 3-inch speaker. The Teisco branded versions of these guitars had double cutaways, a slightly different bridge/tailpiece, and bore the model numbers TRG-1 and TRE-100.

    Model: U092616ST
    Manufacturer: Silvertone
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    Price: $395.00