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    Bondi Del Mar

    The Del Mar is our take on some of the most beloved overdrive tones in history. The character of the drive can be selected via the toggle switch. In the up position you get a compressed, mid-focused drive, while in the lower position you get a more open, flatter EQ with an emphasis on the highs. The gain control of the Del Mar serves a dual purpose; not only does it increase the amount of gain, but as gain is backed off, you are controlling the amount of sparkly clean you are blending into your signal to keep your tone crystal clear, no matter what the setting. You'll find the Del Mar responds very well to the guitar's volume knob —just how you'd want it to. The tone controls are active instead of the standard 'tone' knob. This gives you the ability to boost or cut both bass and treble individually, providing you with incredible control over your eq. The whole circuit is internally boosted to 18 volts, providing maximum headroom and clarity.

    Model: DELMAR
    Manufacturer: Bondi
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    Price: $199.99
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