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6 Degrees FX Millie Fuzz

Price: $249.00

We REALLY like these guys. I mean look at the photo of the circuitry, looks like a Swiss watchmakers pedal side project. Man, this is a fuzz to have, 1/2 Fuzzface, 1/2 Big Muff and all BADASS. Here's what the interweb has to say about it: Silicon Fuzz Face + 1/2 Big Muff in one pedal. "Crunch channel" is Fuzz Face alone, with the tonal shaping flexibility from the Big Muff EQ section. "Burn channel" is Fuzz Face stacking on an extra Big Muff gain stage, giving it a more aggressive, saturated and long sustaining fuzz tone. Rock.

Manufacturer: 6 Degrees FX

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