Instrument Repairs?       

Ok, so apparently through no fault of your own, your instrument (guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, oud, bouzouki...whatever) has fallen on dark days and is no longer working.   Drop it by the shop and let us fix it.  You may ask, "how much?".  Below is an approximate pricing list for common issues.  For matters of a more serious nature (or those not listed); call, e-mail or stop by Guitar Emporium  and talk to Theresa for a quote.  Say hey to Gus (super star picture below) while you're here.
Very Gerenal Repair Costs
Restring for 6-string - $15 plus strings
Restring for 12-string-$25 plus strings
Restring Locking tremolo - $5000 (just kidding, $30)
Strap Button - $10 plus the button
Output Jack (mono) - $15 plus parts
Output Jack (stereo / acoustic) - $25 plus parts
Basic Setup 6-string - $50 plus parts and strings
Basic Setup 12-string - $70 plus parts and strings
Basic Setup Locking Tremolo - $85 plus parts and strings
We also do fretwork, electronics of every sort, re-glue (headstocks, bridges and other wooden injuries)
a whole bunch of other stuff.
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